Original Artwork Pricing

Contact me at for a price quote on a specific piece.  You’ll find my prices collectible, yet also very accessible to the general public.

Commission/Custom Artwork

I often do commissioned oil paintings.  Just float me an idea, address, or photo to work from.  I’ll ask enough clarifying questions to create a one-of-a-kind original tailored just for you.

Print Sales

Print Size (Inches)   Limited Edition Print            Display Quality Print
5×7 $19 $10
8×10 $40 $20
11×14 $60 $25
16×20 $105 $30
18×24 $135 $40
24X36 $240 $60

If this terminology is foreign to you, I’ll talk you through which size and print quality will best match your decor or collection needs.  Assistance with framing is available.

One Response to Pricing

  1. Joanna Gueller says:


    This is somewhat random, but an old friend of mine liked your page on Facebook and I was drawn by the images to your site. I really like your paintings! They are so bright and happy, with energy and life in them. They feel unique and very light.

    Can you talk me through the difference between limited edition and display quality prints? I definitely will want to order a print, but I’m not sure of the difference. Also, is any image on the site available?

    Thank you. It’s a lucky surprise that I’ve discovered you!

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