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Hofmeister Gallery is a fine arts business founded by Brian Hofmeister in 2009.  Hofmeister Gallery offers original works, commissioned house portraits (or other memorable locations), prints, and greeting cards to enrich the culture of people’s lives.

About Brian

Born, raised, and residing in the greater South East region of Wisconsin, Brian Hofmeister is an oil painter representing Milwaukee.  Having lived several years in New York, his work is also well-respected in the North East.

In 2010 Brian was recognized as one of fifty “Tomorrow’s Master’s Today” by theAlbany Institute of History & Art.

Painting with an impressionist’s flair, Brian practices a “wet on wet” technique.  He most often finishes his works in one sitting; pushing, pulling, and applying the paint until it moves to its finished form.  He starts in the evening, and finishes in early morning hours while the rest of the world sleeps.  Larger works may take a full weekend.  Brian paints with oils; primarily on firm masonite panels; and finishes each work with a protective varnish or galkyd. Present works by Brian center on urban landscapes.

“I am intrigued by stories within every city street, every local park, every home.  Capturing urban landscapes carries with it impressions of our collectiveness as people.  In celebrating the city, I am celebrating humanity.

More than an artist by brushwork, I love leveraging creativity in building culture and community.   I actively intersect my work to benefit urban development, awareness and funding for world issues, and the social fabric within a variety of visual arts groups.”

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